Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lip product Tuesday: Essence lipstick in Blush my lips, Love me & Pink Treasure.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share and show the pictures of Essence new lipstick in the colours (12) Blush my lips, (13) Love me && (66) Pink treasure.

On the left is Blush my lips && on the right is Love me.

As you can see is Blush my lips an brighter pink with a somewhat purple blue undertone. This lipstick is very pigmented but not in an overdone way. This one is my favourite out of the three lipsticks.

Love me is a more natural tone, it actually looks a lot like Natural beauty (from Essence) but with a stronger light pink undertone.

The third lipstick is Pink treasure. Which is more of a shiny soft pink.
I love that the three lipstick Essence added to the collection are all pink toned yet so different.

The swatches from left to right; Pink treasure, Blush my lips & Love me.

The differents between the lipsticks with black packaging and the pink packaging is that the ones in black are more of an actual pigmented lipstick while the one in pink is more of a lipbutter/lipgloss with bubblegum scent and less pigmented. (that's why Pink treasure and love me look a lot alike when you look at the swatches. But they're not the same Pink treasure is more pink toned.)

Which one is your favourite?

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