Monday, February 10, 2014

Rings & Tings ~ Statement pieces.

Hello sweethearts,

today I'm going to share my latest discovery Rings & Tings.

The necklace, gem ring &&  wing ring are sent to me by Rings & Things but my opinion is completely from the most honest me.
I choose these pieces because they're all pretty unique, I haven't seen them around on other websites or in the stores.

I always LOVE to wear statement pieces && I felt that these unique pieces are all very needed in my collection.
Okay so to be totally honest I love the gem ring the most because of it's uniqueness. I haven't seen something a like it before. I'm definitely going to rock this piece by a lot of outfits. It's just so natural and easy to combine with a lot of styles.

What I love about Rings and tings is that they sell a lot of totally different pieces, their collection is limitless. If you want a certain piece but you can't find it anywhere I can guarantee you that they sell it.

What's your favourite piece of Rings & Tings?

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