Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random sunday spring haul.

Hello Sweethearts,

today it's a Sunday and the most gorgeous spring day so far, it's not even spring though. && I felt like it was a good day to day some random shopping. So that's basically what I did, haha.

At H&M I got a basic tank top in a the colour dark navy blue for €4.95. && a bright pink dress for €14.95.

I also picked up a matt gem stone necklace for €9.95. A pair of tights with a cute print in sale for €3 instead of €7.95. && a liptint in the colour raspberry rose for €3.95.

I also got a cute black bikini, the top is €14.95 && the bottom €7.95

I also picked up season 5 of Fringe for €29.99

&& last but not least I also went to the drugstore to get a few items. I got the Tony & Guy heat protector hair spray for €9 instead of €11.99. A hair repair masker from the brand Kruidvat for €0.99. && from Essence I got the Sun club bronzing powder for brunettes (€3.59) && Stay natural concealer in the colour soft beige (€1.99), together they cost €5 because of a sale.

&& yeah that basically sums up my weekend!

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