Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mini Primark haul; April 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

for today I have a mini Primark haul. I didn't know I was capable of not shopping a lot at Primark but apparently I am. So here is my mini Primark haul.

I got a pair of Batman leggings, I have been looking for these everywhere for over a year now. So excited that I finally found a pair and only for €10.
I also scored some white round big sunglasses for €3.50. && two pair of ballerina's for €5 each. The ballerina's above in the picture are white with a chanel like texture && with a black nose and black bows.
The one down in the picture are lavender purple with a cute flower pattern.

I also got a fashion wig, a blond bob. If everything goes as planned you will see this week some photo's of me wearing the wig. The wig is €8.

What did you get at Primark this month?

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