Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Essence gel eye pencil waterproof in the colour Black blaze.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to review the Gel eye pencil waterproof by Essence in the colour black blaze. I have used to eye pencil almost every time I did my make up. For some unknown reason it took me quite a while to actually start and write a review. Normally when I love a product or an item or something I just can't wait to write about it.
That's why I decided to take an hour of my day and write this article, since I do think this product is worth sharing!

Essence about this product:
"the latest trend from asia: gel eyeliner in a pen-shape. instead of in a tub, the soft, waterproof and long-lasting texture of the gel eye pencil waterproof comes in a retractable pen. velvety and highly-pigmented, these pens offer intensive eyeliner styles."

The gel eye pencil is very pigmented and glides on to your skin. It's easy to work with. However it's not really waterproof since the swatch on my hand faded without any contact with water and within two to three hours. However on your eyes it stays a bit longer, and with a bit I actually mean the whole day. I do have to admit that on some days the gel eye pencil does come off in your crease. This does not effect the blackness of the liner, only your crease becomes a bit darker than before.
&& the last thing I want to say about this gel eye pencil is that it sometimes leaves a bit of skin between the liner and the lash line. I fill this up with a bit of liquid liner.

That's all I got this say about this gel eye pencil. Am I satisfied with the gel eye pencil? Yes I am. Would I buy it again? I maybe end up buying a second gel eye pencil in the same colour, if I ever run out of product before spotting a 'better' and different product. Or if they add some more playful or useful colours to their collection. I think the current collection is not worth my money besides the Black blaze colour. It's just to dull & I would never use those colours.

The Essence gel eye pencil waterproof in the colour Black blaze costs €2.79.

What's your opinion about this product?

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