Monday, May 19, 2014

Libelle summerweek haul 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

yesterday I attended the Libelle zomerweek, which is a sort of 'household exhibition' but outside and more with fashion, beauty and food.
I have been going every year for the past 8 years and I always really enjoy it. If your wondering what I bought in 2011 click here & 2012 click here. I don't know why but I never uploaded my haul from last year. But on to the haul of this year!

I got two free sunglasses one in black and one in pink. I got new hair ties and a glitter headband from Zenner for €5. I got a gorgeous pink ring for €7.50. A mini glitter OPI polish for 2. The stay matte foundation, Match perfection 3-1 concealer and highlighter and a lipstick in the colour Latino from Rimmel for €10. I also got a day moisturize and an all in one toning cleanser from Ahava,

& also did a Lush make your own bubble bar workshop and made my own bubble bar for my boyfriend.

I bought his amazing buckled filled with 3 kinds of cat candy, 2 different cat toys and some cat food for my cat for €5. I'm going to buy a plant for in the bucked so my cat can enjoy it.

And last but not least a panorama shot of the libelle zomerweek 2014 to share the amazing weather we had.

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