Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lip product Tuesday: Rimmel

Hello Sweethearts,

it's been a while I uploaded a lip product Tuesday but to be honest I got a lot of lip products and didn't know where to start reviewing them. That's why I decided to review all my Rimmel products today. I'm first going to review the Moisture renew cream lipgloss, than the moisture renew lipstick && last but not least Lasting finish colour rush.

The Moisture renew cream lipgloss with collagen + Vitamins A,C&E.

The dark purplish pink above is 335 Purple Rescue. To me this is a true cream lipgloss because it applies smooth, feels creamy but is very pigmented.

The pink colour above is 105 Pink benefit. I find this a less prettier colour on my fair skin and lips but it's still pretty pigmented for a soft pink.

The moisture renew lipsticks.

The light but still bright pink  above is 200 Latino. This is one of my favourites since it goes with one of my bright pink dresses, haha. To me itt's a pigmented bright pink on the nude side.

This one didn't need a swatch if you ask me. It's just as bright as the lipstick itself and absolutely loveable for this season. I love neon bright pink colours on the lip.

Lasting finish colour rush - long lasting intense colour balm.

This is the colour 600 on fire. I think this name describes it perfectly, it's a bright red yet it has a pink/coral undertone. This pencil applies nice, quick && smells amazing on the lips, minty.

What's your favourite Rimmel London product?

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