Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review: Primark P.S. Love... Sultry fake lashes.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to review the fake lashes I bought at Primark, click to see the full haul here. These fake lashes are from the P.S. Love.. range. The ones that I'm going to review today are the called Sultry, as in the lashes look sultry and they got so many others in their range.

As you can probably tell from the pictures they're PERFECT! I didn't have to cut them down, they went on so easy, the glue made them last forever && they felt so natural! I'm normally not a fake lashes lover but for these I make an exception, especially for €1.50.

I have to admit that I love these more than the lashes I tried from Primark last year. I didn't write a review about it because I hate writing negative reviews and the product wasn't expensive. I hated the fake lashes because they were uneven, hard to apply && my lashes looked like one of a ostrich.

I can't wait to try the natural fake lashes && to go to Primark to buy more of these amazing fake lashes!!!

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