Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lip product Tuesday: Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow – Lip Colour Intensifier

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to review the Ultimate Lip Glow – Lip Colour Intensifier in the colour 010 One Shade Fits All by Catrice.

Catrice about this product:
"Simply brilliant: the new CATRICE Ultimate LipGlow – Lip Colour Intensifier not only smoothes your lips and makes them shine, it also intensifies your own personal lip color – a transparent, fresh and natural look in a truly unique color."

Side note this product won the Glammy 2013 von leserinnen gewählt. award.

To  me this lipstick truly brings out the best of lip colour for my skin and lips. It's subtle, glowy and just gives that little finishing touch.
I do get the hype around this lip product, it's ALWAYS sold out, it's a must have for every girl. It's feel very nurturing and smooth on the lips, it feels more like a lip balm than an actual lipstick.

This lip product is €4.99 and if you ask me totally worth the money!

What are your thoughts on the
Catrice Ultimate lip glow ?


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