Friday, June 13, 2014

Roma haul

Hello Sweethearts,

as some of you may know I went to Roma the past week && as promised I'm uploading a Roma haul. (Click here for the London haul & here for the Amsterdam haul)
I decided to know film a video haul since this is such a small haul.

What I got on the Market;

A cute white head with pink flowers with brown and white ribbon, for €10.

A cat necklace for €13.

What I got at Sephora;.

The How to look the best at everything in the shade light by Benefit cosmetics, for €33. The Sephora Contour eye pencil 12HR wear waterproof in the colour 23 Summer cruise, for €8.90. The Sephora Smart liner, for €12.90. The formula X nail polish in the colour Unmistakable, for €12.90.

I also decided to include a swatch of the Formula x nail polish with this post just because it's such an amazing colour!

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