Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review: Vitakraft cat liquid-snack

Hello Sweethearts,

todays article is going to be a bit different from my normal posts. It's going to be a cat snack review instead of beauty or fashion related article.

I'm going to review the Vitakraft cat liquid-snack. This snack comes in the flavours salmon, beef & chicken.


These snacks each 'claim' to be healthy and low calorie.  (keep in mind I'm not a cat expert I can't grantee if it's true.)
The salmon one is good for the fur of the cat. The beef one is good for the intestines (or alimentary canal) of the cat. && the chick one is good for the heart of the cat.

Normally I wouldn't try a product like this because it's a bit on the expensive side and a bit risky if you have an anxious cat. (note: my cat is very anxious)
But I got this in a Vitakraft bucket for €5 with lots of other fun stuff for my cat. && I was like why not let's give this a try. My cat understood very quickly what the idea was of this liquid-snack and he actually eats it like shown on the packaging!!!!  (Lets continue this review under need the cute picture of my cat eating his liquid-snack.)

If he even hears a sound that's remotely similar to this liquid-snack sound he jumps out of hiding and starts looking for it.
I only give him the snack once a week or once in two weeks, just because it's a bit on the expensive side and I still want it to be a real treat for him.
If your cat is unlike my cat and doesn't feel comfortable licking it in that way you can also but it on top of it's cat food, she or he will find it and still be able to enjoy it.
I already gave this to a fellow cat owner to try for her cat and she liked it as well! ( I'm also going to give it to my grandparents new kitten when it arrives, siked!)

I'm just totally in love with this liquid-snack because my cat loves it soo much that he overcomes his fear and actually licks it out of my hand. I would just give it a try if you ever see it in the store.

The Vitakraft cat liquid-snack is available in grocery stores, pet stores and other stores that sell cat related stuff. I got mine from the grocery store for €2.50 and from the pet store for €2.30. Each package comes with five liquid-snacks.

What's your cats favourite snack?


  1. Het is dat ik geen kat heb, maar ik wil er wel graag een, dus misschien dat ik dit dan nog een keer ga kopen! :)

  2. Great review. Your cat looks so adorable. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. aaahhh... thank you!
      && yes I would love to follow you on GFC ;)!


  3. This sounds so good! I'm going to look out for it and get it for my cat. From what you've said he's gonna really enjoy it.
    My cats fave snack is a yogurt, he loves them!

    Yazmin xx

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