Monday, July 21, 2014

The perfect Tiffany blue / turquoise nail polishes.

Hello Sweethearts,

todays article is all about finding the perfect Tiffany's blue & turquoise nail polish. I have to confess that I'm absolutely in love wearing this shade of blue. So that's why my collection is so 'huge' & I decided to share my collection with my fellow nail polish lovers.

From left to right on the nail polish wheel;
  • You belong to me by Essence
  • Mint candy apple by Essie
  • Who is the boss by Essie
  • Unmistakable by Formula X
  • Fashion playground by Essie
  • Thanks a windmillion by OPI
  • Turquoise & caicos by Essie
You belong to me by Essence is a gorgeous colour the only downside is that it's no longer part of the Essence collection. Which to me was weird since this was THE nail polish to get from Essence. As you can see it's one of the deep and darker blues on the nail polish wheel.

Mint candy apple by Essie is one of the beginners and must have nail polishes from the Essie line. To me it's not really a Tiffany's blue or a turquoise but it comes close. On the nail polish wheel you can definitely tell that's one of brighter blue polishes.

Who is the boss by Essie is maybe part of the wedding collection 2012. Compared to other polishes it's more green toned but in real life it's a soft light blue with a grey undertone.

Unmistakable by Formula x. This is one of my go to nail polishes. It's a tint lighter than Turquoise & caicos. To me this is a true turquoise  / Tiffany's blue nail polish. I highly recommend getting this for your collection!

Fashion playground by Essie is a lighter turquoise more through wards green than blue. It also got sparkles in the formula, if you ask me that was highly unnecessary. This nail polish is part of the Spring 2014 hide & go chic collection.

Thanks a windmillion by OPI is only part of this selection because it looks identical in the bottle to Fashion playground. Don't let that fuel you because as seen on the nail polish wheel this is no where near a Tiffany's blue or turquoise colour. This one was part of the OPI Holland collection.

And now the best for last Turquoise & caicos by Essie. This is my all time favourite nail polish, since I got it. To me this is the perfect Turquoise colour. However for some reason I don't find it the perfect Tiffany's blue, if it was a shade darker it would have been.

What's your perfect turquoise or Tiffany's blue nail polish?
Ps I got another article up with more nail polishes in this shade, click here to read it!


  1. Those colours are so gorgeous! I love Fashion Playground :)
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  2. This colour is fantastic! I need them all!

  3. love mint candy apple!

    from helen at

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  4. This is my favourite colour! I love all the shades!!

  5. I am drooling over all these polishes!!! So pretty!