Saturday, July 12, 2014

Unboxing: the BeautyBox of June 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to unbox the BeautyBox of June. This box arrived somewhere last week but since I like to open the boxes before I go to sleep I couldn't snap any photo's. & I was to busy that week to do it another time. So that's why it took me so long. I almost decided to not write an unboxing post but since I cancelled my subscription this will be one of the last unboxing posts I can do. So I decided to just go for it!

The first two items in the box are both by Scottish fine soap. The one on the right is the shampoo and the one on the left is the conditioner. They're both travel size so you can easily bring them with you.
This line is made for the hot summers to keep your hair hydrated and nurtured.

size: 50 ml - €4.00 each.

The second item is the Rituals handlotion "Infinity" I absolutely LOVE handlotions! I already own a ton but I can never have enough! The scent and light weight of this hand lotion makes it perfect for the summer.

Size: Fullsize - €10

The third item is the Anatomicals - Self tanning lotion. Just to put it out there but I LOVE Anatomicals prodcuts! I mean who comes up with 'The holy Grail for the deathly pale'. There products always have such a funny names and the directions are also so funny to read. I just love it!
&& I was dying to try out a new tanning lotion. (but I'm still looking for an application mitt)

Size: Fullsize - €8.60

The last item is the LookX - Lip & Blush stick in Caribana.
I'm not sure about this product though, I mean it's orange. && I don't believe the claim that came with it, Orange is the new black.

Size: Fullsize - €14.95

This box came with a lot of fullsize and totally different products. I'm super enthusiastic about the Anatomicals product. However I'm still glad I ended my subscription on this box. I feel like it isn't totally for me. & I feel like if you have received one box it's like you have had them all.

What are you subscripted to?
Which beauty box would you recommend?

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