Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unboxing the Pretty box of August 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

I have been a little MIA lately on my blog but I'm promise to make a come back with loads of articles I have been working on.
But for now I have an unboxing. This is my very first month I got the Pretty box.


I'm in love with the whole pink and blue combo going on in the inside of this box. Those two are my favourite colours ever!

The first item is the Sanderson moisturising body lotion. To begin with the packaging is soo gorgeous! & it goes so well with my bedding. I'm probably more going to use this as decoration than as actual lotion.
The lotion itself contains a lightly perfume scent, smelling of jasmine and apple blossom. It also contains shea butter and vitamin E, which is really good for the skin.

The product is full size & costs €9.99.

The second item is the Eylure false lash blending mascara. This mascara isn't a regular mascara but a mascara that helps fake lashes and real lashes to perfectly blend together.

This product is full size and costs €15.95.

The third item is the Eylure pre-glued lashes. These lashes are from the limited edition line of Eylure. They're pre-glued with a latex free glue which makes them wearable for everyone.

This product is full size and costs €7.99.

The fourth product is a miniature sample from Orlane. This one is called beautiful bust care.

This product costs €2.95.

The fifth item is the Barry M Dazzle dust eye shadow. I tried to find the name of this eye shadow on the Barry M website but I couldn't find it in their collection.

This product is full size and costs €4.99.

The last and sixth item is the Heathcote & ivory car & small room freshener. Again a product in a package that goes really well with my room. But since my room isn't a small room I decided to hang this next to my cats litter box. After a couple of hours I came to the conclusion that this is also for big rooms since my whole room smells of this scent. And that with an open window...

This product is full size & costs €2.99.

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