Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lip product Tuesday: Beauty UK lipstick in Pink my ride and Gossip girl.

Hello Sweethearts,

today is a Tuesday which means I'm going to share a (new) lip product! I'm going to review and share the swatches of the Beauty UK lipstick in the colours 16 pink my ride & 9 gossip girl. I already reviewed one other lipstick from this brand and collection. Click here to read that article.

On the left is the colour Gossip girl and on the right is the colour Pink my ride.

Beauty UK about this product:
"Leaving no shade unturned, our new collection of lipsticks in 'wet' or 'Matte' textures and an array of shades tempt you away from a predicable palette. The luxuriously moist formulation of the 'wet' collection leaves lips luscious and glossy with long lasting shine. Our 'Matte' formula gives a nourishing ,long-lasting pop of colour that packs a punch! all formulated with a fresh and tasty minty flavour."


Above is the colour Gossip girl and on below is the colour Pink my ride.

I owned one lipstick and I actually made it my goal to buy more colours from the collection when I got in the UK because I just love the texture and the fact that they smell like peppermint.
I choose these colours because Gossip girl has a funny name and looks gorgeous. It looks like a dark pink but when you look at the colour close up it got blue sparkles.
I bought Pink my ride because I own a lot of these hot pinks and I absolutely love to wear them!

Beauty UK is available at Superdrug (in the UK) and the lipsticks cost £3.49 each.

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