Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lip product Tuesday: Revlon colorstay moisture stain

Hello Sweethearts,

today is Tuesday which means a lip product Tuesday post. For today's I'm going to review the Revlon colorstay moisture stain in the colours 015 Barcelona nights & 010 LA exclusive.

The upper moisture stain is in the colour 010 LA exclusive & the one below is in the colour 015 Barcelona nights.

Revlon about this product:
"A new level of glossy wet color. Saturated lips with brilliant shine and vivid color. Available in 12 luscious shades. "

I got this product out of curiosity and I didn't really know what to expect. When I tried it I was a bit surprised. It looks like a lipgloss, the applicator looks like a lipgloss applicator but when applied it feels different. It feels more like a lip stain, a non sticky moisturizing lip stain. The first smell coming off this product is a bit chemical and disgusting but when it's settled it disappears. You can barely feel the product sit on your lips yet the colour is still very pigmented and shinny. I feel like this is one of those long wear lip products. 
I'm probably not going to buy more of these Revlon colorstay moisture stains but I'm happy I added these to my collection!

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