Sunday, September 21, 2014

Unboxing: VIP box september 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

last week I received another VIP box so today I'm going to show you what I got.


The first item is the Jelly pong pong 2-1 shadow & liner.
I was very excited when I saw this item in the box, Jelly pong pong is a brand with a really good name. & when I read that this product is made of pure bee wax I was sold. I haven't tried it out though but the product sounds really good. You can use this product as eyeliner but at the same time you can also smudge it and make it into an eyeshadow.

This product is full size and costs 13.15 euros.

 The second item is the Lookx lipstick.
This lipstick is also made of bee wax and also contains vitamin c and oil which makes your lips moisturizing and soft. It claims to be long lasting and the perfect finishing touch. But to be honest that colour only looks good on my bedding. I'm never ever going to wear this colour.....

This product is full size and costs 17.80 euros.

The third item is the IDC institute Facial mask cacao oil.
This mask is perfect for dry to normal skin types.

This product costs 3.99 euros.

The fourth item is the Beauty UK stripey blusher.
Okay I had to say that I'm excited about this product because I used to have one just like this by Sephora and it was one of my all time favourites until I lost it.
This blush is basically a highlighter blusher and bronzer in one. You can apply the colours separately or all together with a big brush.

This product is full size and costs 5.49 euros.

The fifth and sixth item I pulled out of the box are a mini heart shaped nail file and a bb cream sample. I'm not a fan of bb creams and my sister is not a fan of samples so I'm probably just going to throw this out.

And last for best the seventh item is the Anatomicals Aloe Aloe Aloe. so that's what's going on here then Handy hand + lip balm tube.
I'm sooooooo happy with this product. I LOVE Anatomicals and I was eyeing this one online for a while. So I'm so happy to finally have this product!
This product is full size and costs 5.95 euros.
Overall this box had a lot of ups and downs and I finally made the decision to cancel my subscription. Since I'm starting at university again I don't have the money to keep all my beauty box subscriptions and I feel like I have seen it all. Every month it's almost the same brands and the same type of products and even though I love half the products I want something new. I want to be surprised and not be like "ooohhh... I have heard about this product far before this box."
I want beauty updates, a box with the lasted products and not last three months products. So that's why I cancelled my subscription.
What's your favourite beauty box?

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  1. The colour of the lipstick is amazing!