Friday, October 3, 2014

Huge haul: Forever21, Primark, MUA, H&M, Essie & Catrice.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share what I bought in the month. Well actually couple of months since I placed my Forever21 order in half August. To be honest it took me so long because I actually wanted to film a haul video but I got ill. And than I got busy and before I knew it university started.
& I decided that today was the perfect day to finally put it all up on my blog, so let's begin!

(Disclaimer: most of the prizes I mention are of the top of my head so it can vary from the actual prize.)

The first items and clothing I bought are from Forever21. The lace scoop-neck tank top in burgundy was  €12.45. The Crochet yoke georgette top in peach was €14.95. The satin floral jumpsuit in navy and berry was €16.45.
The fauz stone bracelet in mint was €10.90. The faux stone dagger bib necklace (my personal favourite!) was €10.45. The faux gemstone statement necklace in gold pink was €9.90.

The make up items are (of course) from MUA. The brow define tinted brow mascara in the colour medium was €2.90. The lipstick in Tulip was €1.26.
The MUA luxe pretty edgy eye palette was €10.20. && the hall of fame palette was €5.03.
The next clothing and items are all from Primark. Beginning with the glitter pink dress with necklace that I got for €16. & The white blazer cardigan was €18.

The cutest pyjama bottoms ever with cats on them was €7.

The ballerina shoes at the top left were €5. The pink ballerina shoes with bow were €8. The glitter ballerina shoes were €5. The black ballerina shoes were €5.

The hair oil was €2. The glitter earrings were €2. The bracelet with white flowers was €4. The flower mirror necklace was €2. The shower cap was something like €2. The hello kitty band aids were €2.50. The cat gloves were €2.50. 


The glitter notebook (which I'm going to use for blogging stuff) was €2.50. The faking it self tan applicator mitt was €2.50.

The white dress was €16 && the plaited dress was €10.

The next couple of cute clothing items are from H&M. The lace crop top was 14.95. The white peplum top was €14.95. & the faux fur gilet was €34.95.

Of course I also bought some Essie nail polishes because there was a SALE! So I got (from left to right) Naughty nautical, I'm addicted, Take it outside & Too taboo.
Naughty nautical & Take it outside were 30% off which meant that I got them for €6.97 & I'm addicted & Too taboo were 50% off so I got them for €4.98.

Click here to see the swatch of Take it outside.

&& last but not least I also bought some new Catrice products (for research reasons) I got the Prime and fine anti-red base for €4.49 & the prime and fine anti-red coverstick €3.99.

I also got some new gorgeous black ankle boots from Primark but I forgot to take a picture. && two new NYX lipglosses. And that covers most of my spending of the couple of months.

If you want to see what I got from the new Essence line click here.

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