Sunday, December 14, 2014

The new Lush products I adore.

Hello Sweethearts,

I decided that today was the day I wanted to share my new Lush favourites. And with new Lush favourites I mean products I recent start using from Lush. Two of these products aren't actually from the Holiday collection but just two products I recently discovered.

From left to right; Hot Toddy, Kalamazoo, No drought. I'm going to review them from right to left because that makes sense. Not really but that's the order I bought them in, how I took the photo's and planned the article.

The No drought is a dry shampoo, which means you don't need to actually wash your hair but still got the fresh look.
This product is literally A-MA-ZING it takes away that greasy shine and gives soo much texture and volume to your hair. It's insane. I always take this with me when I'm going a weekend away because it's so much easier than bringing all your hair products.
It's also so good for styling your hair because it gives it an instant volume boost. And the texture it gives to your hair is amazing to work with.

How I use it; I put some of this powder on my hands, rub it in between my hand. I than go with my hand through the roots of my hair and make a circling motion. It doesn't show up white on your hair, if it does it mean you didn't blend it enough.

Lush on this product:
"A dry shampoo with oil-absorbing powders, grapefruit and lime to refresh your hair without water. This is ideal if you want want a quick refresher between washes as it will soak up excess oil to leave a matte, clean look without any dustiness. Massage a little into your scalp and through the hair, then brush out."

The Kalamazoo is a beard and face wash. At first when I came home and saw that it was a beard wash I was kind of confused. I bought it because the sales person let me smell it and put it on my hand. The smell is amazingly fruity and my hand felt so soft after using this product. And that's why I got it. It is so nice to use in my facial shower routine because it smells so fruity and makes my skin feel so soft and nurtured.

How I use it; I first use my regular facial routine products that I use when taking a shower. If you want to read about my facial routine than click here. I than apply this on my face, I massage it in and rinse it off with warm water.

Lush about this product:
" Keep things bright and bushy with this creamy wash for furry faces. Fresh pineapple juice is full of enzymes to cleanse the skin and zap away dirt, whilst almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaƧu butter will leave your beard soft and strokeable. Simply scoop some out of the pot and massage onto your beard and face, rinse off and pat dry.

You don't have to have a beard to use this...but it helps!"

The hot toddy is one of the Holiday products I bought because it smells so amazing! (Just like snow fairy, I keep repurchasing that showergel every year!)
All I can say that it smells amazing and feels amazing on the skin. And I love how it's red with gold glitters in it!

Lust about this product:
"With all the spice of a Christmas market, this deep red shimmering shower gel is sure to blow away the bah humbugs. Laced with softening seaweed, fresh ginger, cinnamon leaf oil and cleansing lemon oil, this will warm up even the chilliest of days and bring a sparkle to your shower. "

What's your favourite Lush product?
What should I try next from Lush??

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