Friday, January 23, 2015

Fashion week: Said Mahrouf January 2015

Hello Sweethearts,

As I stated in an earlier article I got tickets for Fashion week January 2015 for Christmas. Which means an excited me. Today was the big day, I finally went to see a show of Said Mahrouf. Keep on reading if you want to know how the show was. 

Last year I went to see Jef Montes in January, if you want to read more on about that show click here.

The day started with waking up early and feeding my cat. I decided that I wanted to film a 'Get Ready With Me'-video so I spend most of my time to get ready and filming. (Click here to watch the video.)

After I was done I went to station to get a train to Amsterdam. I met with my mum on the train. We decided to go and get some lunch first.
We were in Amsterdam at half 2 and the show start at three, so after lunch we also decided to get a cup of coffee before the show would start.

This was the view, a few little bars, an Essie nail stand and a Mercedes-benz ring. I did take a picture in the Mercedes-benz ring (the photos aren't up on their site yet, so I will add that picture later to this post. )

After looking around and drinking a delicious new drink I never had before. (I forgot which drink it was....) It was time for the show to start.

Note: I did take pictures, which I include in this post, but those aren't professional. I did decide to take them with my phone just so I can remember my perspective of the event. I'm at Fashion week to enjoy the show and not to be press.

I absolutely love`d what Said Mahrouf brought to the stage. It was bright and white. The outfits were white with bright colour accents, or the other way around. He played with the idea of combining tight and baggy in his presentation. And what I loved the most of all was the combination of thin heels with baggy and colourful pants.

Lucky for you they always film the fashion shows in great detail so you don't have to miss out on this gorgeous show.

If you want to see more pictures and behind the scenes than click here.

Afterwards the Essie stand opened and my mom and I were the first to arrive. So we were the first people who got their nails done. Within five seconds there was a huge queue behind us.
I decided to go for the colour 'Fashion Crowd', which is only available in gel polish.
After my mom and I got our nails done we decided to drink a fancy ice cream cocktail, which was delicious. After that, we went back home.

I absolutely love the whole fashion week experience, it's so fancy and extravagant. I wish I could get more tickets to more shows. It's definitely something I love doing.

Who is your favourite designer?

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