Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unboxing the Styletone box January 2015.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to unbox the Styletone box of January 2015. Styletone is one of the newest beauty boxes on the international market. Of course I needed to review it right away.

StyleTone is a basic beauty box that always comes with 5 full size products. You can order the box for only €12.50 a month. The thing I love about this box is that it easily fits through your mail box so you don't need to be home when it gets delivered.

The first product I spotted in the box is by the new brand Make up Revolution.

StyleTone : "This Go to Hell Palette brings you 18 gorgeous colors from matte to satin to sparkling to create any look. We advise you to use a brush (to perfectly reach those adorable small inner pans) to apply the product." 

This product costs €8.99.

The second product in this box is the Emite make up grey eye pencil.

StyleTone:  "Make up trends scream polished but soft this spring. That is why we choose this beautiful warm grey color for a sophisticated and subtle look. With added honey extract that hydrates the skin and balances moisture levels.  The formula is soft which makes it easy to blend, blur or smudge."

This product costs €15.

The third product is also by Emite make up.

StyleTone : "This BB Highlighting pen will be your rescue after a long night up or out. Apply it under and around the eyes to conceal those dark rings, or use as a highlighter on the cheekbones, under the eyebrows and along the bridge of the nose for a healthy and fresh look. This shade called Almo is soft and neutral so it suits most skin tones."

This product costs €29.

The fourth product is the City color matte lipstick. City color is a animal cruelty free product, which I like a lot!

StyleTone: "The rich, highly pigmented formula of the City Color Matte Lipstick will dress your lips in a bright matte shade. City and clubbing proof, but as tested by us, definitely office proof as well! These pop colors will have you looking fresh and savvy."

This product costs €2.50.

The last and fifth product is the Pixi by Petra tinted brilliance balm.

StyleTone: "Tinted Brilliance Balm was hyped in 2014 after it starred in one of our colleagues in make up box-land: Ipsy. Our fellow beauty lovers in the states were going crazy over this product, so we’re introducing it to you now! Packed with lip-loving ingredients this glossy balm protects & hydrates instantly. After the balm wears off, your lips are left slightly tinted with a flattering hue just for you. Since the shade will differ according to the PH level of our skin."

This product costs €15.50.

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