Friday, February 6, 2015

Haul: Books for bloggers

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm going to share the new books I bought over the month. These books are all about blogging and the creative industry.

The first book I bought this year is 'Get rich blogging' by Zoe Griffin. This book is my Bible when it comes to blogging. It's not like the other books about blogging because she tells a story, her story. Most books about blogging you can choose which chapters you want to read but this book actually reads like a story. She tells how she started blogging and which mistakes she made but she also includes very good tips and tricks. She also has a advice segment on Youtube at Btube. I would recommend every blogger to get and read this book, even if you don't want to get rich with your blog, like me.
Pages; 228.

 The second book I got is called 'Creative, Inc,' by Meg Mateo Ilasco & Joy Deangdeelert Cho. Some people might be surprised that I added this book to a 'Books for bloggers' haul but this is truly a book for bloggers. It talks about how to put your creative thoughts in something real. And how to get in the creative industry. I see blogging as one of my creative outputs, where I can share my creativities. This book also recommend setting up a blog as a portfolio.
Not everyone might think the whole book is worth reading but I do think some chapters are definitely worth it for the bloggers out there.

Pages; 188.

The third book is called 'Art, Inc' by Lisa Congdon. For those wondering, no the content of this book is not the same as the book 'Creative, Inc'. They do both talk about blogging and social media as a place to share your art and creativities but the topics are different. This book talks more about getting down to business, selling your art and Promoting your work. Where as 'Creative, Inc' talks more about introduction to creative freelancing, getting the word out and working with clients.
Depending on which way you want to go with your blog you can decide which books is best for you. I decided to go for both because I can't learn enough about both industries.

Pages; 184.

 The fourth book is called 'Blogging for photographers' by Jolie O'Dell. I decided to get this book because I find the pictures on my blog very important, without pictures my content is less interesting. So I want to improve my blog as much as possible when it comes to my photos. This book, surprisingly, uses a lot more images than the other books I bought. Which I think is nice it makes it more visible.
This book talks about the basics, blogging platforms, monetization and photoshop basics. I might also buy the book 'Blogging for creatives' by Robin Houghton.

Pages; 160.

The less book I got for free at the google bookstore, anyone with just a google account can get it, is called 'Instant profits with Instagram' by Issa Asad. When it comes to building a brand, which you're doing as blogger, it also comes in handy to build your brand outside your blog. And a great way to do this is through Instagram. I haven't gotten the time to read it yet but I thought it might be nice to share.

Pages; 47.

What book do you recommend when it comes to blogging?

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  1. These books like they're full of useful info. Thanks for sharing. :)