Friday, February 20, 2015

Heart shaped brushes

Hello Sweethearts,

In todays post I'm sharing the new heart shaped brushes I bought this week. I felt like I needed more cute brushes for decoration. So I went out and bought two. If I ever get more space for my make up I will buy more.

The first brush is actually heart shaped and pink! I got this one for $2.42 on eBay. I could never ever see myself use this one for applying actual make up but it just looks so cute.
And the second brush has a heart shape in the brush hairs which I think is so cute too. I'm not sure about the colour combination thought, purple and pink aren't the best combination if you ask me. I got the 'Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss Blush Brush' for € 2.89.

What are your thoughts on brushes for decoration?


  1. That's such a novelty product, how cute!

    Andrea x

  2. Aww these are all so cute <3

    Have a nice day! :)


  3. Aww these are so adorable! <3 I only have 2 makeup brushes- a kabuki and eyeshadow one, but I might just have to pick up one of these for blusher!