Monday, April 13, 2015

Event: Rupaul's Drag Race: Battle Of The Seasons

Hello Sweethearts,

I'm so excited to finally share my 'What I did Friday night' story. I went to RuPaul's Drag race Battle of the seasons!!!! In one word it was A-MA-ZING! Of course I took some pictures and I have this whole story because I actually met some of the drag queens at the after party! I still can't believe it, it was so amazing!

The show started with Michelle Visage talking about the show, thanking us for the sold out show and the fact that they made it till season 7.
The first drag queen to preform was Alaska Thunderfuck. I didn't like her that much at the beginning of season 5 but I totally turned around. Especially when I saw her in real life. I actually like her music so much! It's something I could listen to all day. And she's also super funny and of course super gorgeous.
The second drag queen to preform was Sharon Needles. To be totally honest I didn't like her at all in season 4. I liked her style but for me it was sometimes too much, I think she could have rocked a more glam outfit from time to time. I did like her music and the dark stuff around it when she preformed. But I was a bit disappointed by the fact that she was hiding her face all the time. Or she wore a hat and glasses or she wore a mask.

I don't know which drag queens came next after Sharon Needles but I feel like talking about Ivy Winters. She blew me away! The first couple song she preformed on stage she changed outfits like a thousand times, on stage! And the second time she preformed on stage she came in her butterfly costume. I don't know why but she is the symbol for my feeling that I want to finally pop out of my cocoon and want to shine and fly away with my butterfly wings. She was amazing!
Jinkx Monsoon also looked very feminine and gorgeous. I also liked her songs and how funny she is.

Okay her comes the biggest confession of them all; I haven't had the time to watch season 6 yet. So I didn't really know Adore Delano and The Bianca Del Rio. But I'm a fan now! I can't wait to start watching season 6.
And one of the drag queens I was most excited for is Manila Luzon. She was one of my all time favourites of all the drag queen seasons. And I loved her gorgeous outfit!

They preformed a few songs together and of course also the Snatch Game. It was a long but super amazing night.
Afterwards we also went to NYX the after party with Willam Belli, called the unofficial official Shafterparty with Willam. My sister and I went with two super nice guys to the after party. And guess who we met?!
 Manila Luzon!!!
&& Sharon Needles!!!!!
At first I didn't realize I was talking to Sharon Needles, I saw one of his tattoos and really liked it so I gave him a compliment than we talked for a bit. When a fan came up to talk to Sharon Needles I realized it was Sharon Needles. So we took a picture together. And that was pretty much the end of the night, since it was already 5 in the morning.
My sister and I went home  and I slept two hours because I had beauty school the next day.
But that's not the end of this article yet, because of course I had to wear drag make up to this event. And of course I took some pictures to share my look with you girls.

And this does conclude this article,

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