Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lip product Tuesday: Essence lipstick in 20 Get the look!, 01 Wearing only a smile && 03 Come naturally

Hello Sweethearts,

It's been a while since I wrote an article about a lip product on a Tuesday. To be really honest I stopped taking care of my lips and they became a mess. But today my lips looked pretty decent so I decided to swatch and review these lip products anyway.

This gorgeous light pink lipstick is the colour 'Get the look!'. When this lipstick first came out in the stores I was excited. Especially when it sold out ever week. I had to go through a lot of trouble to get it. But on my lips it looks so crackled, like a hot mess. I still think the colour is gorgeous and may look better with a thick lipgloss on top.

This nude shade is the colour 'Wearing only a smile'. Well I wished that it looked like I was only wearing a smile because this is one mess. You have to thank god that this picture was unfocused because it looked horrible in real life. I don't know anyone who could wear this shade. I do own a nude lipstick by MAC and that one looks a thousand times more natural than this ever will do.

You might think that this shade is too light for my skin but I tried it on my hand and the colour blended in perfectly. I don't know where I went wrong but I'm kind of scared for the whole nude lip collection by Essence.

If you consider to buy this lipstick anyway I do have to warn you that this one has a bad plastic smell to it.

This dark nude shade is called 'Come naturally'. I was actually scared to try this one but I decided I wanted to buy one of the darker nude shades just to play around with. And to be honest this one is the one I like the most of these three. It looks so much better and even more natural than the other shades.

And of course I swatched the lipsticks on my hand. From left to right; Come Naturally, Get the look! & Wearing only a smile.

The lipsticks are €2.39 each.

What's your favourite colour of the new nude lipstick collection by Essence?

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