Saturday, May 2, 2015

Comparison product review: Sigma f80 flat kabuki brush & Zoeva 104 buffer brush

Hello Sweethearts,
Last week I posted a huge Sigma and Zoeva haul. And after working and comparing the Sigma f80 brush with the Zoeva 104 brush I decided that it was time to write the comparison review. I'm first going to tell you what the companies say about their brushes and than I'm going to tell you the differences that I noticed.
It might be good to know that I have been using the Sigma f80 brush for years now and I'm new to the whole Zoeva brand.


Zoeva about the 104 buffer brush:
' This brush is perfect for all-over application and blending of foundation, powder and mineral makeup products. 
For a super natural finish, apply your makeup gently by dabbing the brush onto your skin and then softly blend the edges in a circular motion. 

Always striving for the perfect makeup brush we have re-invented our ZOEVA 104 Buffer.
That’s new: Discover a new era of foundation routine and feel the extraordinary dense but yet ZOEVA-soft bristles. It will help you create a natural and maximum flawless makeup finish.
The cloudy soft vegan bristles pick up perfectly any kind of cream and loose makeup without absorbing the product.
The thickened brush handle makes application even more easy and lies in your hand steady and luxuriously.
ZOEVA brushes – where elegance meets expertise.

Sigma about the f80 flat kabuki brush:
' The F80 Flat Kabuki™ features a flat top brush head with very soft and dense fibers. Made with exclusive Sigmax® fibers, this brush provides a flawless, high definition finish with liquid or cream foundation without any absorption of product.
Sigmax® synthetic fibers are made with a special thermoplastic engineering polymer and SigmaAlloy™ 3-ring brush ferrules are made with copper and zinc. '
Summary of the fact provided by Zoeva and Sigma;
One of the most important similarities to me is the fact that they're both animal cruelty free. The Zoeva brushes are vegan and the Sigma brushes are synthetic. But an odd difference is the fact that Zoeva says that this brush is easy to use with foundation, powder and mineral makeup products, while Sigma advices you to use liquid or cream foundations.
Another difference is the price, the Sigma brush is $24 (€21.41 ) and the Zoeva brush is €14.80. The difference is €6.61.

One of the differences I noticed beside the design of the brushes is the feel of the brush. The Sigma has the hairs closer together while the Zoeva brush is less dense. This makes the Zoeva brush feel softer and easier on the skin, not saying that the Sigma brush is not soft because it's a pretty soft brush but the Zoeva brush feels softer. However the brushes give the same result when it comes to applying foundation and how it blends the foundation in the skin.  It leaves your skin flawless, so no more "I have a layer of foundation on top of my skin"-looks.

The conclusion of my research is that I can honestly say that the Zoeva 104 buffer brush is a perfect dupe for the Sigma f80 flat kabuki brush. Not only when it comes to appearances but also the use and (most important) the end result!


  1. But wich one is better? If you have to choose one?

    1. I have the same question, haha.. Thank u :)

    2. My preference goes to the Zoeva brush