Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nail polish haul: Essie & OPI

Hello Sweethearts,

this article is all about the new nail polishes I bought last Thursday. I got them from a local shop.

The first five polishes that I bought are from Essie. The names from left to right; 'Find me an oasis', 'Mint candy apple', 'Where's my chauffeur', 'Turquoise & caicos' & 'Lovie Dovie'.

These aren't just the regular Essie polishes you can buy in stores but these are the Professional application polishes. These kind of polishes are normally not sold and only used in nail salons. They dry quicker and they last longer. Which is something I'm going to test and than review in the upcoming weeks. I got these polishes for €5 each.

I also bought one gorgeous OPI glitter polish, limited edition, in the colour 'Comet in the sky'. I'm going to swatch this one somewhere this week!

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