Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Essence all about matt! high covering concealer

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm reviewing the 'All about matt! high covering concealer' by Essence. I have been using this concealer off and on again for a while now and I feel like I'm finally ready to review this baby.

I wrote about this product in my new Essence product haul article. I said that I wasn't a big fan of the 'all about matt! oil control make-up base' but that I'm a big fan of the 'stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer', so that I was going to give this one a try. I either hate it to bits or I love it to bits and today your going to find out so keep on ready!

Essence about this product:
' cover-star! the highly-pigmented and mattifying concealer from the successful “all about matt!” range perfectly conceals dark circles or shadows under your eyes and irregularities of the skin. the creamy, liquid texture is especially easy to blend and its small, pointed opening allows an accurate application. two shades for warm and cool skin types offer a smooth and matt complexion. '

First of all I like the feel of this concealer, it makes your skin feel smooth and matt. I also like the look of the concealer, when applied right. And with applied right I mean blended in to the skin with the right concealer brush and not smeared on the spot. This is concealer has to be applied in the right way otherwise it's going to move and become not so high covering as it claims to be. And when applied right you don't only have a good covered spot but also a smooth and light weight feel on your skin.
I especially like this in combination with the Stay don't stray primer by Benefit cosmetics. I use this primer for my under eye circles with this concealer on top and voila you have perfection!

To the answer if I love it or hate it question my answer is I still love the  'stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer' more. But I do like this product enough to not put it away in my big makeup drawers.

This concealer is €1.99.

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