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Comparison product review: Eyebrow pencils ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills, BH, MAC, Maybelline, Sleek, Soap and Glory & w7

Hello Sweethearts,

today's article is comparison product review in which I compare different eyebrow pencils. The brands competing are Anastasia Beverly Hills, BH cosmetics, MAC cosmetics, Maybelline, Sleek Soap 'n Glory and w7.

Doing the research and testing these different eyebrow pencils took me way longer than expected. I planned to do this review 10 weeks ago but I really wanted to write a good article and be 100% sure.

I ended up with two different 'winning' categories, being "the best eyebrow pencil" and "Julia's favourite eyebrow pencil". If you only want to know the conclusion and not the whole review I would advice you to scroll to the end.

NOTE: for this review I ONLY used the eyebrow pencils, so NO eyebrow powders or gels. Which I do advice using because they prolong the time your eyebrows stay fixed.

Let's begin this review with the first eyebrow pencil; Anastasia Beverly Hills the Brow wiz.

Anastasia Beverly Hills about this product:
" This ultra-slim mechanical pencil flawlessly outlines brows and fills in sparse or over-tweezed areas. Neither too soft nor too firm, the retractable tip glides effortlessly to mimic natural hair and create the illusion of texture. "

My opinion:
" To me this product was way too over hyped but for the sake of this review I dove in to try it out. I have to say I was really surprised because the hype was true. I only dislike the small pencil and the price. "

Look: Natural.
Wear: Doesn't wear off during the day, stays on pretty long which surprised me.
Texture: Feels natural.
Price: €28.95

The second eyebrow pencil on this list is the BH cosmetics automatic eyebrow pencil.

I wanted to start with what BH cosmetics has to say about this product but I couldn't find it anymore on their website, instead I found the BH Studio Pro HD eyebrow pencil. So I think they reconsidered this product, good for them.

However I did find a product description on Amazon which is close enough:
" This dependably functional and stylish eyebrow pencil from BH Cosmetics glides on smoothly to fill and define eyebrows. The creamy texture allows you to blend and smooth out harsh lines for flawless arches. These pencils keep their precise shape so that you never have to pull out the sharpener. Our natural-looking shades come in a range of hair colors from Blonde to Dark Brunette. "

My opinion:
" This product didn't stand out to me, it was just meh. It might be an okay product but compared to the rest it wasn't. However I did like the shape of the pencil but this product didn't stay on long it was too greasy for my skin and eyebrows. "

Look: Somewhat natural, didn't have any wow factor whatsoever.
Wear: A couple of hours.
Texture: Somewhat greasy.
Price: €5.99

The third eyebrow pencil in this review is the Eyebrows by MAC.

Mac about this product:
" A self-propelling and self-sharpening brow definer that adds shape, colour and density."

My opinion:
" I actually got this eyebrow pencil in my Makeup artist kit when I first started beauty school. I have used it for so many shoots and on so many models that the characters vanished from the product. This is the product that got me into eyebrow pencils like these. I think this is a great product and very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills." 

Look: Natural.
Wear: Doesn't wear off during the day, stays on pretty long which surprised me.
Texture: Feels natural.
Price: €16.50

The fourth eyebrow pencil is the Brow Define And Fill Duo By Eyestudio by Maybelline.

Maybelline about this product:
" Brows - meet the 1st defining and filling duo. An easy two-step application, using our .2 mm defining wax pencil to shape and mess-free filling powder to finish. Get ready to wow with a naturally full brow! "

My opinion:
" I really like the powder and pencil in one combination. Only the whole line your brow out and fill it in with powder doesn't really work, it doesn't blend in together. So what I always do is line my brows and fill it in with the pencil and than add the powder on top. I really like to take this product with me on the go because it's quick and easy."

Look: Some parts of the eyebrow look natural and other parts don't.
Wear:  a bit more than half a day.
Texture: I wouldn't say natural but you also don't feel the product sitting on your skin.
Price: €11.99

The fifth eyebrow pencil is the Eyebrow stylish by Sleek.

Sleek about this product:
" Eyebrow Stylist combines a unique angled pencil on one end, with a styling and blending brush on the other end, to groom brows into place. The innovative calligraphy tip achieves tailor-made strokes from thin to thick for outlining and filling, while the rich creamy formula is matte and velvety smooth for a natural look that lasts.
The unique angular shape allows you to sculpt with broad strokes using the flat edge of the pencil, as well as fill in with fine lines using the pointed tip. "

My opinion:
" Okay I'm going to start off very honest by saying that ever since I started using Sleek, somewhere in 2010, my opinion has been all over the place. Sometimes I really like the products by Sleek and other times I totally hate them. But lately I have been very satisfied with the product of Sleek, that's why I decided that this one had to be part of this review.
However, I have very mixed feelings about this eyebrow pencil. I absolutely love the shape of the pencil, it's just like the one from BH cosmetics. But I feel this products blends to easy, with that I mean that it blends so easy that you could erase it in one blend.
If you like a VERY natural looking product, so natural that it doesn't make a different, than I would say this is the eyebrow pencil for you. "

Look: Too natural, is the product even there?
Wear: Less than half a day.
Texture: Feels natural.
Price: €7.99

The sixth eyebrow pencil is the Archery brow tint & precision shaping pencil by Soap and Glory.

Soap and Glory about this product:
" Distinctly 'no-brow'? (Or could do with a fullness boost?) Brush-on-brows and fill in any gaps with the all-day, long-wearing precision-point stain, then use the crayon to give your brows the perfect shape. "

My opinion:
" This product is the reason I decided to do a comparison review because I was looking for something similar to this product. Soap and Glory is not available in my country but I can get it through amazon. I fell in love with this eyebrow pencil in July, so when I ran out I was very sad.
But to be honest compared to the other eyebrow pencils this one doesn't fill in as well as the others. However it does give a good shape to your brow. In real life the brow looks more filled in than on the picture. I also have to say that I'm not a fan of the brow tint. "

Look: Lighter on picture than real life but doesn't look as natural as some of the products in this review. However it does give your brows a boost and makes them look stronger and thicker.
Wear: Sometimes it reaches the end of the day other time it doesn't.
Texture: Natural.
Price: £10.00 ( = €13.73 )

The last eyebrow pencil in this comparison review is the Brow twister by w7.

w7 about this product:
" Super shape those brows, also available in brown and dark brown. "

My opinion:
" w7 is very short about this product, by the way I got the shade Hazel Blonde. I don't know where to begin with this product. Let's start with the fact that I almost didn't want to include this product in this review because compared to the rest it's very pathetic. The first time I applied it I had to remove it within a second. There is nothing natural about this eyebrow pencil. It's very oily, the colour is very strong and dark. I eventually convinced myself to wear it for an hour to pilates. It did stay up on my eyebrow even though I sweated a lot during pilates. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. "

Look: Not natural.
Wear: Sweat protected.
Texture: Oily, thick and unnatural. You can feel the product sit on your eyebrows.
Price: €3.49

End conclusion:

  • The best eyebrow pencil: I say that MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills take this crown.
  • Julia's favourite eyebrow pencil: Soap and Glory.
  • Easiest on the go: Maybelline.
  • Cheapest eyebrow pencil: w7.
  • Most expensive eyebrow pencil: Anastasia Beverly Hills.

What is your favourite eyebrow pencil?
Which one would you recommend me to try?

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