Saturday, December 19, 2015

Eyeshadow Junkie Tag

Hello Sweethearts,

today's article is not an ordinary article but a video tag! I decided it would be fun if I answered some questions involving eyeshadows since I have more than I can keep up with.

I found this tag at makeupTIA.


  1. Favourite drugstore line for eyeshadows?
  2. Favourite eyeshadow primer?
  3. First ever   eyeshadow purchase & do you still use it?
  4. Best drugstore eyeshadow dupe?
  5. Most underrated eyeshadows?
  6. Favourite single eyeshadow?
  7. Favourite cream eyeshadow?
  8. Favourite neutral eyeshadow?
  9. favourite coloured eyeshadow?
  10. Best eyeshadow palette ever?

I tag you!

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