Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fashion week: Duran Lantink x Jan Hoek

Hello Sweethearts,

last night I went to a fashion week show and not just any show but the designer Duran Lantink in collaboration with photographer Jan Hoek. It was super busy because everyone had to see this show.

This year I went on my own not with my mom or friends but alone. Because I was alone I decided to take this opportunity and brought my SLR camera with me. In this article I'm first going to show you my photo's, than I'm going to show you MBFWs video of the full show and than I'm going to show you what I was wearing.

This picture sums up pretty much of the show theme. The whole collection was inspired by transgender sex workers from south-Africa. They also showed photo's, some information and quotes from the transgenders who inspired each  outfit. You couldn't tell the differents between the male and female models and each outfit was so unique. At one point one of the male models on very high heels tripped and fall and as soon as he got up everyone started to applause. I thought it was a wonderful accident symbolishing how hard it is to walk in women shoes.

The show was in one word: A-MA-ZING!

I'm just blown away. This inspired me so much and shows that fashion truly is an expression of yourself.

My outfit didn't really go with the show but that doesn't stop me from sharing what I was wearing.

The long dress with the two splits is from Forever21. The blue dress with the lace detail is from Topshop. The shoes are Vans. The blue, white and brown fake fur collar is from River Island. The handbag is from River Island. The hat with the cat ears is from H&M. And chain necklace with rhinestones is from Forever21.

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