Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Paradeyes sunglasses FOG252 Cat eye round

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to show you my new sunglasses, The Paradeyes FOG 252 Cat eye round. I can't believe I found these beauties on eBay!

The Paradeyes FOG 252 Cat eye round sunglasses are inspired by the Fendi Paradeyes FOG 2525. The reason I don't say knock offs is because only the design looks like a Fendi but nothing more. The eBay seller offers way more colour combinations than Fendi. For instead they offer the colour combination blue and pink, they also offer see through and glitter options.

The way that I found these gorgeous sunglasses was because I saw the real Fendi in a expensive sunglasses store. But I didn't want to spend €400 on them, because hello that's a month rent! So I went on eBay to look for alternatives and they didn't disappoint me.

I got the sunglasses in Rose pink and Pink&blue, they're $12.99 each and free shipping. I ordered them on the 24th of December and they arrived the 11th of January.
The way they secured the sunglasses in the packaging was good, no way they could break during shipping.

I'm so happy with them because they're so gorgeous I might order more!

And of course a picture of me wearing the sunglasses so you get an idea of how big they're compared to my head.

You can get the sunglasses here. Let me know if you also bought them! I know you will thank me this summer if you do, haha.

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