Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: Multi-action mascara by Essence

Hello Sweethearts,

in 2015 I have written a few reviews about different Essence mascaras, which I loved. I wanted to end 2015 with a fifth mascara review but for some reason I wasn't that satisfied as with all the previous mascara's, keep ready to know why.

The mascaras I review in 2015 are the 'I like long lashes! volume & length mascara' & 'Lash princess false lash effect mascara'.

Before testing out a product for a review it's important to know what the brand says the product is for. This is what Essence says about the product:
"multifunctional pro! the all-rounder mascara by essence provides lashes with extra volume, visible length and super separation. the conic shape of the elastomer brush covers each individual lash for wispy, fanned-out lashes and perfect definition."

The picture above shows how the mascara looks on my lashes. I did use a Ted Baker lash curler before applying the mascara. I didn't use any other product than the mascara. As you can tell it doesn't look that pretty, I have photographed several swatch photo's throughout several weeks and this was the best of them all. As you can see it doesn't apply evenly to all lashes, it also smutches on the eyelid for some reason.
However I do have to say that I absolutely love this mascara on my bottom lashes. I also have to admit that this mascara is somewhat waterproof because I wore it on a rainy day and it didn't leak.

Weighing the pros and the cons with the cost of the mascara, I got it for €2.59, I would advice you not to buy this. You won't miss it in your collection. Still curious if it may look better on you? Just go for it, it's only €2.59.

I do have to say that his mascara falls in one of the more 'expensive' mascaras from Essence and I did expect a little more. But maybe that's just because the other mascaras I reviewed so far ended up being my favourite, yes even over high end brand mascaras.

What's your favourite Essence mascara?

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  1. Yeah....I think I will pass on this one eventhough its cheap. I still love my Maybelline mascara.