Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: Maybelline dream wonder nude foundation.

Hello Sweethearts,

recently I have been on the hunt for a new foundation when I came across the Maybelline Dream wonder nude foundation. After wearing it a few times I felt I was ready to review this foundation.

Maybelline about this product:
'This foundation formula is 12 times thinner than a normal foundation with the coverage of a normal foundation. It got a special applicator which makes it easier to apply, just drip the foundation on your finger and apply on your face. You only need three drops for full coverage.'

Well to start off the three drops foundation for full coverage is not what I needed. I used at least 12 drops. And I hated the special applicator because I barely got any product from the bottle. Okay the applicator did work because Maybelline claims you only need a little bit of this product, that's why the applicator gives so little.

Wtihout Maybelline dream wonder nude foundation.

With Maybelline dream wonder nude foundation.

The picture above show the overall coverage of the foundation. I have to say that the coverage is okay, it didn't completely cover my blemishes but it made my face more smooth.

I kind of bought it because the packaging looked so good and the promises of this foundation sounded interesting but it will not become  my everyday foundation. Maybe in the summer when I feel like wearing a lighter foundation that I decided to make this my everyday foundation.

Meanwhile I will be hunting for another foundation.
What's your favourite foundation?

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