Monday, March 7, 2016

Comparison review: König ring light VS Ebay ring light

Hello Sweethearts,

normally I don't do technical reviews but because lighting is a big part of taking the photo's I decided that it might come in handy.

In this review I'm going to compare the König ring light 60 led with the RF550E Macro 48 pcs LED righ flash light I got from eBay. Just for the sake of this review call them König and eBay because those names are way to long to keep mentioning if you ask me.

I got the König lamp for €90 and the eBay lamp for €26 (not counting the €20.40 import fee I had to pay at the door).

On the left you see the König lamp and on the right the eBay lamp (with the extra colour correcting rings).

I'm going to spare you all the technical details and just tell you my experience with the lights. I do have to mention that for both lights it took me a while to get use to using them. The hard part is figuring out what setting of lighting looks best on photo's.
Both ring lights give constant light and I do not use them as flash.

When I first bought this ring lamp it was super expensive, I had to save up money to be able to buy it. It doesn't have a lot of features, it has a simple on and off button and a wheel button to set the lamp higher or lower. It also comes with extra rings so you can adjust it to your lens. It's a basic and simple lens easy to use.
Something I really loved about this ring light was how easy and precise you could dim or brighten the light.
Things that I disliked about this ring lamp was the fact that it never stayed on the lens, as soon as you tried to focus the lens the ring fell off. Another big big big dislike was that the lamp just stopped working one day, within a year after purchase. I sent it back for repairs and apparently it was not fixable so I got my money back.
If they were able to fix the broken light I would decide to still use it occasionally. But I would never repurchase this light again.

I bought this ring light on eBay because Lindasteph told me she also uses a ring light from eBay. So I thought for the low price I could give it a try. The seller recommends this ring light for people with a Sony camera, I use a Canon but I decided to give it a try. Besides the fact that I can not put the light adjuster on top of my camera it's fine to use with a different camera than a Sony.
I like that this comes with different ring colour correctors. The ring light is easy to adjust to different lens sizes and to put on the lens. I don't have the same issue as I had with the König ring light.
I'm actually very positive about this new ring light and I don't have a lot of negative things to say (so far).
The only thing I do want you to know is that this ring light is not that easy to use and I use the manual that comes with it frequently. I think it's a positive sign that I have to use the manual because to me that means that this lamp comes with lots of possibilities I have yet to discover.

Overall I liked working with both lights and the prices is the only deal breaker for me to be honest.

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