Monday, March 21, 2016

Essence new product haul ~ spring 2016

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm finally going to share with you the Essence new products that I bought. I wanted to do this haul in February but the stores didn't sell the new products until this week.

From left to right the first product is the Keep it perfect! make-up fixing spray.

Essence about the Keep it perfect! make-up fixing spray:
' stay gorgeous! perfectly fixed with just one spray. the light, transparent formula of the make-up fixing spray lies on the make-up like a protective layer and ensures a long-lasting finish. it has a refreshing effect, won’t weigh down the skin and is fragrance-free.'

The second product is the Lashes to impress lash glue. Essence about this product:
' the ultimate helper for an impressive, sweeping lash-look! thanks to the slanted applicator, application of the glue is easy and accurate. the milky blue texture turns transparent upon application and is ideal for attaching the lashes to impress. '

The third product is the Eyebrow gel, colour & shape. Essence about this product:
'colour and shape! the eyebrow gel perfectly forms and accentuates the brows. it leaves behind a pleasant, powdery finish and long-lasting results.'

I also got a few new lipsticks in the colours Velvet matt 07, 23 & 24. Essence about these velvet matt lipsticks:
'longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. the lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for – from bright pink to intensive red and chilled-out berry to subtle nude shades. the essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers! '

I also got a white eyeliner, which I'm really excited about, the Liquid ink eyeliner in 06 light white. Essence about this eyeliner:
' statement eyeliner! this cool eyeliner ensures subtle daily looks or crazy party styles.'

The eighth product that I got is the BB beauty balm lipgloss with shea butter in the colour 02 Shh, just kiss me. Essence about this lipgloss:
' BB for lips. the beauty balms nourish the lips with shea butter and vitamin E to make them feel soft and supple. in addition to the care factor, the light texture also provides a gorgeous shine with subtle colour-dispersion. thanks to the slanted applicator, the balmy lipgloss is quick and easy to apply.'

The ninth product is the Eye brow topcoat waterproof. Essence about this product:
'the eyebrow hype continues! with this topcoat, brow style is about to get waterproof! no matter whether it’s an eyebrow pencil, mascara, powder or gel – the brow make-up is sure to be set in place, stay in shape and can even survive watersports activities.'

As last I also got my hands around some of the new mascaras, the For-bidden volume mascara, the For-bidden volume mascara Rebel, the For-bidden false lash mascara topcoat & Rock 'n' doll volume & eye opening mascara.

Essence about the For-bidden volume mascara:
' so good, it should be forbidden! dramatic volume without clumping. the conic fiber brush of the forbidden volume mascara creates incredibly voluminous lashes – with just one application.'

Essence about the For-bidden volume mascara Rebel:
' no limit! dramatic volume without clumping. the forbidden volume rebel mascara offers even more intense, instant volume thanks to the special design of the fiber brush with alternating shorter and longer fibers. '

Essence about the For-bidden false lash mascara topcoat:
' false lashes? there's no need with this topcoat! enriched with black fibers, it can be applied on top of any mascara. a cool combination product for an intensive, dramatic look with a false-lash effect. '

Essence about the Rock 'n' doll volume & eye opening mascara:
' next superstar! the slightly curved fiber brush of the rock΄n΄doll mascara provides breathtaking volume. it reaches each individual lash to ensure an eye-opening effect. incredible sweeping lashes… on stage or on the street. '

I'm going to try to review all these new products in the near future.

What's your favourite new Essence product?

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