Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lush haul

Hello Sweethearts,

this weekend I did some shopping at Lush. If you know me a little bit you know that I have my Lush regulars for years. One of those regulars is the Vanishing cream. I also decided to try some new products.

I bought 'The comforter', 'Celestial', 'Vanishing cream' & 'Beautiful'. I got 'Daddy O' shampoo sample for free.
I decided to buy 'The comforter' because it's the same smell as the bubble bar. I wanted to give 'Celestial' a try because its says that it's for sensitive and dry skin. I have very sensitive skin and this hard weather makes my skin really dry. I also decided to buy 'Beautiful' because I really like the name and its filled with glitters.

Lush about The comforter:
' This berrylicious, reassuring shower cream brings to mind warm, familiar memories. The blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurranty aroma that’s like being wrapped in a snug hug.'

Lush about Celestial:
' Redness. Stinging. Irritation. Sound familiar? Having sensitive skin can be incredibly frustrating (even painful!), which is why we invented our most gentle moisturizer, Celestial. With its creamy cocoa butter base, Celestial effectively moisturizes without irritating troubled skin. We blend vanilla water to help the skin retain its moisture with hydrating almond milk and fresh dove orchid extract to keep delicate skin in soft, glowing condition. Celestial also doubles as a fantastically softening night cream for all skin types.'

Lush about Vanishing cream:
' This is a light, cocoa butter-free moisturiser that doesn’t sit on the skin or overload it. It vanishes completely, leaving beautifully soft, lightly fragranced skin. It’s ideal for using in the morning under make-up, or to refresh you during the day. Essential oils of lavender, neroli and geranium oils help to balance the skin and give it a light scent.'

Lush about Beautiful:
' If you feel anything less than a vision of loveliness in the morning, this peachy keen shower gel is the one for you. A blend of warming and exotic myrrh resinoid brings a sensual musk to the sunny perfume of fresh peach juice and dried apricots, and feels sensationally soft on the skin. Adorn yourself in the rich, creamy lather of this warm, floral tonic to feel gorgeous, inside and out.'

Lush about the Daddy O shampoo:
' Daddy-O works to add volume and shine to your hair. It’s the lemon and organic lime juice which allow the cuticles to lie flat and reflect more light, helping the hair to shine. We've created an infusion from toothed wrack seaweed and organic lemons, that cleanses and softens. Extra virgin coconut oil hydrates the hair, whilst fine sea salt gets to work by to softening and giving body to your hair. What makes this extra special is that it can revive your silver and blonde tones. '

What are your Lush favourites?

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