Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don't hug me I'm scared 'explained'

Hello Sweethearts,

if you clicked on this post because you need an explanation about the 'Don't hug me I'm scared' series your at the wrong address. This is more of ramble article with thoughts I had well watching one of those explained videos.
One of those 'Don't hug me I'm scared 6: Explained' videos pop up in my recommendation feed on youtube after watching the 'Don't hug me I'm scared: 6' final video of the series.

- I don't want to go into the details of how I saw the video 8 minutes after uploading or how I went insane and I had to watch the video twice because I was way to excited.-

I love the 'Don't hug me I'm scared' series a lot and I'm a huge fan because it's so creative. It's the kind of art I absolutely love and admire. But with creating this kind of art there come a lot of people who feel the need to dissect it and explain everything.

This image is the thumbnail of a YouTube Explained video.

I find it strange that people find the comfort and need in explaining everything. Why can't we just enjoy it and leave it with that.
I'm not saying there isn't a bigger meaning behind the videos but the afford people take to dissect the videos are insane. People tent to find meaning where there is nothing at all. For example there could be a random dust particle in the videos and people would tell each other there is a deeper meaning behind the dust particle.

I'm saying this because it's something I bump into as an 'artist'. I create some piece of art and all of the sudden it has a deeper meaning. How am I, as the creator, not aware of the deeper meaning behind my art?
For example my 'controversial' unicorn look. I didn't only post it on Instagram but also on my personal private facebook. I never knew it made such a fuss among the people I have as facebook friends. I heard that people I barely knew shared it among friends discussing what statement I wanted to make with the image and if they thought I looked beautiful or ugly. That's not why I created it!
I don't want to go into the whole creating process and how my creative thoughts work. But I can tell you it looks a lot like 'Don't hug me I'm scared:1' in my head. The unicorn is a result of lots of stress. So now you know it, interesting right? I think I just ruined the deeper meaning people gave to it.

And I'm wondering, as someone who creates art, is my art going to fall into the hands of people who are going to give it a deeper meaning? A meaning it never had? More importantly do we give a deeper meaning to famous art, a deeper meaning that was never there?

I'm studying right now to one day work in the film/tv industry. The 'Don't hug me I'm scared' series is a huge inspiration because that's the kind of art I want to make one day.
One of the things I want to do is make art, the kind of art that will make people think, than I want to take a survey to see what deeper meaning the people give to the art. Just to only reveal that the art doesn't have a deeper meaning. That people should learn to let go once in a while and just enjoy things for what they're. Not everything in life has a deeper meaning. Sometimes things are as deep as a pancake is flat.

And what I think of the deeper meaning behind 'Don't hug me I'm scared' series? Well I have my own theories but I will just keep them for myself and let you enjoy the art.

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