Wednesday, August 3, 2016

MAC cosmetics & Make-up Studio haul

Hello Sweethearts,

on Monday I went shopping with my sister. I was super excited because it was the first time I could use my MUA 40% off card at MAC. (keep this in mind with the prices in this article).

The first thing I got at MAC is the 'She's a model' palette. I really liked this collection and I love this colour combination in this palette. Today I will also post my first eye look I created with this palette on my Instagram. I got the palette for €23.40.

I also got the Soft serve shadow in the colour 'Big bad blue'. This s a paint pot like eyeshadow, as soon as it's applied to the skin it turns into powder shadow. I got this for €12.60.

I also got a pigment and glitter at MAC, I wanted two other glitters but they were sold out. The pigment is in the colour 'Vanilla' and the glitter in '3D Black'. The  pigment was €13.50 and the glitter was €12.60.

I also decided to buy a miniature lipglass in 'Pink poodle' to bring to parties. I got this miniature for €6.

At the Make-up studio store I finally got the Jewel effect in 'Sparkle' for €19.90. I have been wanting this Jewel effect for a few months now.

I wanted to end this article with a cute photo of me and my sister after we spend all our money on make-up, haha.

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