Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: False lashes by Eyes Lips Face cosmetics

Hello Sweethearts,

lately I have been buying and trying a lot of new make up products, yet I'm not really in the mood to review them all. I have taken the pictures for this review a few weeks ago. My opinion has changed a bit since then. However I feel like this is the moment I want to review them, not because I have just worn them, again.

Yes I know I bought a lot of false lashes from ELF but they're only €1,50 and I got a discount on the shipping. The shipping is normally €6,95 but there was a one time summer discount so I ended up paying only €1.

ELF about their lashes:
'No mess, no hassle - just gorgeous lashes! Get full lashes for any occasion with our top-rated Dramatic Lash Kit. Easy application and comfort grip gel allows for multiple uses so you can repeatedly achieve showstopping lush lashes again and again.'

I only applied the false lashes in the photo's, no eyeliner no nothing expect a little bit of mascara to blend my natural lashes with the false lashes. As you can tell they look really natural and the fact that the glue is see through really helps. I do dislike how long it takes for the glue to dry because I'm really impatient. I mostly love wearing these lashes for close up eye make-up photo's because they're so precise and look like natural lashes on pictures. I haven't managed to wear them longer than 15 minutes because somehow the glue doesn't stick. I think it might be the hot weather that makes the glue not stick as well.
Overall I give these lashes 5 out of 5 for perfection, especially for the price.
And bonus points for no animal testing, being recyclable and charity.

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