Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: trendyglasses from GlassesShop.com

Hello Sweethearts,

for this article I teamed up with GlassesShop.com. As part of this collaboration I could choose a pair of prescription glasses. To anyone who knows me it’s not a surprise I went for big glasses with a light pink frame. To be precise I went for the Clementine round glasses in 'pink clear'.

I'm super in love with the model of these glasses! They're so trendy and yet geeky, which is exactly me. I got them with my prescription so I can wear them during lectures. 

I like that the glasses are big enough to see my eyes and eye makeup. I was surprised that these are the first glasses ever with enough room for my lashes. Most of the time my lashes bump into the glasses when I  blink. But in the photos for this article I'm actually wearing fake lashes and they didn't hit the glass once. So for all you makeup divas out there these are perfect to wear in combination with fake lashes!

Some pretty need information about GlassesShop.com :
- They sell a wide variety of different glasses.
- Besides all these glasses they also sell sunglasses and even prescription sunglasses.
- GlassesShop.com does ship international.
- The glasses come with a basic glasses case, which is nice if you want to take them with you.
- They're low cost but high quality, I was especially impressed about the detail and fine work.
- These are one of the easiest glasses online to order.

For those wondering if GlassesShop.com also sells these glasses without prescription the answer is yes!

And for all my lovely readers they gave me a discount code for 50% off any glasses and sunglasses with free lenses. The discount code is: GSHOT50 . Enjoy!

What is your favourite glasses design?

*Disclaimer: I don't get paid by GlassesShop.com.
They did sent me the glasses for free.
My opinions are all my own and I'm 100% honest. 

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