Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MAC cosmetics haul

Hello Sweethearts,

today I went to my local MAC cosmetics store to follow a class. The class was interesting but what's even more interesting is the stuff I bought afterwards.

I came in with a whist list to buy a dark coffee brown lipstick and a silver pigment or eyeshadow. Well that escalated quickly when I saw the new lip products and the dazzleshadows.

From the dazzleshadow line I got (from left to right); 'Say it isn't so', 'Let's roll' & 'I like 2 watch'. I wanted 'Let's roll' for a very long time now and I just bumped in to it.

I got them for €14.40 (with my 40% discount) without discount it's €24.

'I like 2 watch', 'Let's roll' & 'Say it isn't so'
I would describe  these eyeshadows as a glitter shadow with a duochrome. I swatched the eyeshadow without base and just with a finger swipe.

I also went for the new lipstick line, the Liptensity lipstick, in 'Galaxy grey'. The new lipstick line is going to be part of the main collection. I might go back to buy more, I'm not sure I'm not a lipstick person but I'm trying to reinvent myself. I got the lipstick for €15.00, without the discount it's €25.

As part of reinventing myself I wanted a dark coffee brown lipstick. This was not easy because most brown lipsticks have a reddish undertone and I absolutely didn't want a brown lipstick with red undertone. So I eventually settled for Antique velvet. I got this lipstick for €11.70, without discount that's €19.50.

The last product I got is the Vamplify lip gloss in 'Absolute score'. This colour just looks to go to not bring home with me. I got this lip gloss for €12.90, without discount that's €21.50.

I also swatched the lip products, from the top to the bottom, 'Absolute score', 'Galaxy grey' and 'Antique velvet'.

I'm definitely going to create some looks with these gorgeous products so keep an eye out for my Instagram account. I might also review them on my blog, I'm not sure yet.

What's your favourite?

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  1. All of these products look amazing! I have been meaning to try out the Liptensity lipsticks because they look gorgeous. Those shadows look beautiful, too.