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RuPaul's All stars season 2 ~ My favourite runway looks

Hello Sweethearts,

the final of season 2 of RuPaul's all stars has just been released, and no I'm not going to spoil it, but I felt that the perfect way to end this season is with a runway flashback. In this article I'm going to share my favourite outfits on the runway of every episode.
I will only be looking at the outfits and giving my opinion. I'm not taking in consideration who won or lost that episode or how they did on the challenge. It's pure outfit based.

*Disclaimer: these photo's aren't mine I took screen shots from every episode. This is also the reason why some images are super blurry or not sharp at all. If you want to see the full outfits and the full episodes than go to Logo TV.

I also have the upmost respect for all the drag queens in the world, they're all my spirit animal.

Episode 1
Alaska, Coco Montrese & Roxxxy Andrews
This episode was so hard to choose because they all looked soo gorgeous, like always. But I ended up going to for Alaska because of her pink glam. I love pink and glitters and sparkles so yeah.
Coco Montrese because I could have worn that outfit myself. It's so old Hollywood and stylish.
And Roxxxy because hello sexy! She just nailed this look.

Episode 2
Alaska, Katya & Tatianna
A lot of people were gagging about Detox outfit this episode and even though it was spot on I liked these three outfits better. And no there is no theme going on with favouring Alaska's look a second time, it was just all put together so well.
Katya's look is also spot on, I love the whole pink and blue it's so different from the other looks.
And Tatianna is just gorgeous, I don't think I need to say more.

Episode 3
Alyssa Edwards, Detox & Phi Phi O'hara
This episode was hard to decided which look I liked most but Phi Phi O'Hara and Detox really stole the show. I love how Detox went for all silver and barely any outfit, she rocked this tinfoil robot look. I also absolutely love the cosplay kind of drag Phi Phi O'Hara does. After this episode I went on her Instagram and I was just blown away by her art. She's so good at it and should keep up the good work.
And I also decided to go with Alyssa because I love tutu's, sparkles and fierceness.

Episode 4

Alyssa Edwards
This looks defines my love for cameras and photography. I can't stop gagging over this extravaganza look. I wish I could have this dress than I would so life in it.

Episode 5

Tatianna & Detox

Omg! This twin look is so on point. It's like Coco Chanel meets stepford housewives. It's so classy yet simple.

Episode 6

The look for this runway was pants. I think this outfit was so well put together so hip hop yet stylish. And I'm so in love with Titannas hair do.

Episode 7


In episode 7 the girls had to transform their mothers/sisters in drag queen twins. I loved all the looks especially the one from Katya. But I felt like Detox deserved so much more attention because hello! this is on point af.

Episode 8


Roxxxy Andrews
Season 8 the final episode. I'm not going to spoil who won but I'm going to tell you that all the queens looked amazing! But I wanted to give the spotlight to Detox for wearing something outside her 'comfort zone'. You would normally not spot her in an outfit like this even though she looks a-ma-zing!
I also wanted to give the spotlight to Roxxxy for looking flawless and being all bling-bling.

For those wondering for who I was rooting for during this season well I started off as team Adore and team Alaska but I ended up falling head over heels for Katya and Alyssa. In the end it didn't really matter who snatched the crown because to me they're all winners.

What was your favourite outfit this season?

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