Monday, December 12, 2016

Diary: My 24th birthday

Hello Sweethearts,

yesterday was my 24th birthday and today I felt like looking back on my party and my birthday because it was so nice!

It's weird most people look back on life with each year they pass. If everything after high school went as it should have gone I would have graduated and have a Applied Physics bachelor by now. Instead I'm working towards a degree in the media and entrainment business. I'm actually glad that I'm still at uni and not finished yet. A lot of people around me tell me they wished they had stayed in uni longer because adulthood after uni is harsh.
Coming together on my birthday with all of the people I love made me realise that for the first time in life I'm actually happy about the place I'm in.

I had my birthday party on Saturday and all that I planned was delicious food and lots and lots of wine. And we actually popped champagne after midnight.

For this occasion I decided to try out some vegan food from Pinterest and I would highly recommend these recipes; Baked buffalo cauliflower bites (see picture above, I know it looks like chicken but it's not) & Cranberry and feta pinwheels (on the pink plate). I also made a red velvet cake, yum. I ended up making to many bits because I had more prepared than fitted on the table. My friends kept begging me not to serve more food because it was so delicious but they were soo full from all the food.

And like I said before my party was nice, I had a blast. It started around 9 in the evening and ended around 4 in the morning.

On Sunday was my actual birthday and my mom, dad and me went out to dinner.

We went for the 'Plateau de fruits de mer' as our main course. Which was exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

From my dad I got a mirror with ring light which is exactly what I wanted. If you know me a little than you know that I LOVE ring lights!
From my mom I got three tickets for different fashion week shows and an extra ticket for a fashion week goodiebag. I'm definitely going to take pictures and write articles about it.
My sister gave me a travel mug with black cats on it and a cat mug with Swedish tea. My two best friends gave me a tattoo, I'm planning on writing an article about my tattoo soon. And I from my other friends I got a stuffed animal, wine, champagne, gift card, money and fancy chocolate.

What I wore on my birthday:

I got this lovely lace dress from Forever21. On my eyes I wore a black eyeshadow in combination with MACs '3D black' glitter and dramatic lashes from ELF. And on my lips I wore MAC lipliner in the colour 'Etcetera' with a clear gloss on top.

Like I said before I had a very nice birthday and I enjoyed every second of it (except the cleaning I had to do after the party).

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