Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review: The OA ~ a Netflix orginal

Hello Sweethearts,

today I finished the OA which is a Netflix original. Before last week I had never heard of this series but it very quickly got a hold on me and somewhere in between watching the series I discovered a hype around it. I normally don't like series that are hyped too much, I always want to see it before the hype or after the hype.
I don't often get a series that grasp me as much as now that's why I decided to share my point of few on this series.

Spoiler alert!

To me it was very clear from the moment she searched for 5 strong people that she wanted to die. Not sure if she pointed to a near death experience or an actual end. What made it interesting to me was the journey to her death. The story she told during the whole series made it interesting. Not always believable for instance how did she gave herself the scars on her shoulder blades. I'm very flexible but I can barely reach it, I can't even imagine creating symbols with a knife without a proper mirror.
This didn't mean I didn't believe her story, I wanted to believe her story. And with  believe I mean in the storyline and the world the story takes place. In the end episode of season 1 she got outdated as a 'liar'. I do actually believe big parts of her story. She claimed to be an angel who wanted to travel to another dimension and in the end she might did it. She also did save hundreds of lives with her dance and sacrificed herself. I believe that's the true meaning of an angel.

I still think many things are unanswered about the series. Like how did she read so many thick books in so little time and why didn't we see her read those? How did the psychologist get into the empty dark house when her family wasn't home and what was he doing there? How did she know about the school shooting before it happened and at the exact moment? Again how did she get her sight back? What really happened to her in the seven years she's gone (if we take the her story isn't true road)? How did she know that the football player Homer had a near death experience before researching it ?

I wonder if they will ever answer these questions in a following series. Honestly I don't really mind if they ever do make a new season. This is a gorgeous series with a good storyline and lots of hidden gems. We will all see something different. We will all answer the different questions we find with our own perspective. And it will give us all the satisfaction we need, if we look deep enough.

Before I wrote this article I read one review in an online newspaper. The writer wasn't satisficed with the ending of the series. The writer felt like it was rushed, like the storyline wasn't completely finished.
Like I said before I don't believe the ending was rushed, I believe it was exactly what they worked to in the whole series. I do agree that several things in the storyline are left open and unanswered. But do we really want a series that explains itself right away in the first series? I don't.

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