Tuesday, January 31, 2017

FashionWeek Amsterdam 2017: SUE, RE by Reconstruct, Sunanda Chandry Koning & Liselore Frowijn

Hello Sweethearts,

on Sunday I went to Amsterdam FashionWeek and I attended four shows, a backstage tour and I got a goodie bag filled with lots of lovely goodies. I'm first going to talk about the shows, my vision of how they're going to influence the fashion industry and share the video Mercedes Benz made from each show.

I'm going to start off with the first show I saw that day;


The range that SUE created was unique because it was mostly for women in wheelchairs and a prosthetic leg. I have heard of designers who specially design for women in wheelchairs but I have never seen it. This show was the most easy to take photos of because the models took their time to really show the clothing to the audience. I made a lot of gorgeous photos during this show and this was my end selection.

I really liked how she took trend from everyday life and transformed them into a new style and idea. Denim, big glasses, stripes, big sweaters and patches are really hot right now and she took them together and gave them a classic French twist.

You can see me sit in the audience at 2:01, which is soooo awesome!

RE by Reconstruct

RE by Reconstruct was coupled with Sunanda Chandry Koning but I want to talk about them separately because the lines they created are not connected at all.
This show went by really fast so I haven't taken a lot of good or clear photos. I like how they took everyday styles and made it artsy. They took major trends and reconstructed them into something new.

Sunanda Chandry Koning

Sunanda Chandry Koning was just as RE by Reconstruct more of an art performance. The show started out with a girl dressed in pink textile dancing around. Two persons started to walk around her one dressed in black and the other in white. They slowly took of layer by layer and they ended the show with the words 'Love care and world peace'.

How I interpreted this show: Pink was the innocence who was brought together to the world, love and care by the dark and the light.

Liselore Frowijn

The last show I attended Sunday was by Liselore Frowijn. This was a pre-fall 2017 line and I could see how this show could influence the upcoming fashion trends.
The show started off with all white outfits with hints of colour and patrons than the show evolved to full outfits with patrons and little hints of white.
I could definitely see myself wearing more white even though my outfit basis is always black. I have been looking for more white in clothing stores but I couldn't find that much. I have a feeling that's going to change after seeing this show. I could also see me rock the different patrons the models wore and I do hope to see some back in the fall collection of clothing stores.

In between the shows, backstage tour and the goodie bag.

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen already some 'in between the fashion shows footage'. In between the shows we had lunch, a drink and taken some photo's. I also got a backstage tour but I wasn't allowed to take any pictures but it was still so much fun. We were where they do the hair and makeup of the models. We also got a sneak peak of the catwalk for Liselore Frowijn.

I also got a very heavy goodie bag which made me even more happy than I thought was possible. I spread it out on my quilt to see everything I got and believe me this picture doesn't do justice to the amount of stuff.

Just to name a few things I got in the goodie bag: Gorgeous DRK earstuds, the happiness planner, a sweater, fake eyelashes, hair and body products and so much more!

I really liked this year, it was definitely different from the previous year I went to fashion week but it was sooo much fun!

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