Sunday, January 15, 2017

H&M sales haul

Hello Sweethearts,

H&M is having a huge sale for the past few weeks on their website. Of course I couldn't resist and I needed to order some new clothing. First I'm going to share what I kept and than I will show you what I returned.

I bought this short sequins dress as soon as went in sale, I ended up getting this dress for €22.49. This dress has been on my wish list since November so I just had to have it.
I also bought a dark red dress €12.99.  A sports top with build in bra for €14.99. I also got a high waisted pair of pants for €7.99. And a pair of yoga paints for €14.99.

I of course bought some more dresses a nice black dress for €9.99 and one with cats on it for €9.99.

I returned two lace bodies for €8.99. I returned the pink one because it was too small and I bought the dark red one a size bigger but it still didn't fit. I also got white flowy dress in size 42 for €14.99 but it didn't look good at all on my body type. I got another more fancier white dress for €14.99 I got it in size 40 & 42 but it was still too small. And last I also bought a long pink dress for €8.99 but the sleeves were too tight.

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