Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MAC haul

Hello Sweethearts,

yes we start 2017 off with yet ANOTHER MAC haul. I get a bit tired of all these MAC hauls but I still want to share what I got because I might review some of these products in the near future.

The reason I have been to MAC so often lately, besides the whole holiday buying presents thing, is that I'm a 'working'  MUA. I actually buy a lot more products every time I go to MAC but I only share the products that I know I'm going to (also) use for myself. And I want to keep you up to date on my personal beauty stash in case I'm going to review one of these products or if you're interested in more information/a review.

But let's head into what I bought last time I visited MAC. (which is already a week ago, like how?) The theme of this haul is pink.

I first got the Select cover-up concealer. I actually needed some advice from the woman working at MAC because I have always trouble seeing which undertone I need for my foundation and concealer. In beauty school I was taught that I have a NW (red undertone) but she told me my overall face has a NC (yellow undertone) but my under eye circles need a NW for the perfect cover. So I ended up buying the colour 'NW20'. I got this concealer for €11.10.

I also got a new lipstick, to be precise a cremesheen, in the colour 'speed dial'. This is a light blue pink, the swatch on the left. I got the lipstick for €11.70.

I ended up with getting three new shades of eyeshadows for my collection. I got the colours 'Pink Venus', 'Swish' and 'Antiqued' (from left to right). I got them each for €8.10.

What's your favourite MAC product?

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