Saturday, January 7, 2017

ring light mirror

Hello Sweethearts,

my dad brought my love for mirrors and obsession for ring lights to a whole new level when he gave me this ring light mirror for my birthday. Today I wanted to share that obsessed love with you.

The reason why I'm so in love and obsessed and everything with this ring light mirror is because it changed my whole way of doing makeup.
The light isn't bright enough to light a whole room but that's not what you want so close to your eyes. It's bright enough to light your face evenly and see the eyeshadow colours more vibrant and clear. It's also much easier because the ring light has a plug and doesn't run on batteries. My other, actual lights, ring lights run on batteries but before they're empty they get less bright. Which is so annoying especially because it happens gradually so it's less noticeable. Than when you change the batteries it's like BAM bright light, haha. So glad I don't have those ' issues' with this ring light mirror.
Another thing I love love love is that this has two sides; a normal side and a zoomed in side. I use the magnified side for the precise work like eyeliner details, fake lashes and epilation of my eyebrows. Since I started doing this my eyemakeup looks are more perfect, yes I'm a perfectionist. You can actually tell the difference on my Instagram and the photo's I have been posting lately.

I would definitely recommend this mirror for all beauty and makeup lovers.

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