Monday, January 16, 2017

Unicorns heart

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to talk about the Unicorns heart by I Heart Makeup. They have been sold out a few times but I just saw that they're back on the site!

Since the first rainbow highlighter appeared on Etsy they have been in high demand. A lot of online companies sell these kind of highlighter but they're all pretty expensive. I got my hands around this one for €5.
For those wondering if it's wearable as an actual rainbow highlighter I would say it depends. If you want a rainbow with one sweep of your highlighter brush I would advice you not to. Unless you like your whole cheek to end up highlighted. But if you take out a (small) eyeshadow brush to apply every colour on your cheekbones you definitely do get the whole rainbow look.

The colours do blend in together very well into one single highlighter shade. To give the highlighter an extra boost you could apply it over the Ultra strobe cream by Makeup Revolution.

Somehow they look less pigmented on the photos I have taken than in person.

I Heart Makeup about the Unicorns heart highlighter:
'It is the highlighter you have all been waiting for - get the magical Unicorn glow with this rainbow highlighter that blends perfectly and is as buildable as you want it to be. Get the perfect colourful iridescent rainbow glow.Made by real unicorns. '

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